Talhalem is unique custom handmade jewelry brand inspired by the wilderness, prehistoric cultures and nature focused primal beliefs. 


I look for nature connections since forever. For many years it used to be mountain climbing and observing wildlife.

Tracking wolves every season not only gives unique insight to their lives, but also created great opportunities for my jewelry making. Nothing goes to waste in the wilderness. Many species benefit from wolf preys, so I thought I can as well. And that's how my cooperation with wolves has started. 

Be it wildlife photography or jewelry making i always try to be as environment friendly as possible. I use only ethical sources for materials, which means mostly recycled metals or materials from reputable vendor. Bones used in the process are sourced from the wilderness by myself and are leftovers of actual wolf preys.

All of my wildlife photos present only wild animals tracked, observed and photographed in their wild, natural habitat with my best effort to not disturb animal's life. 

of animal tracking since 2016

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